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Keno is a Chinese game that has become increasingly popular in the West due to its ease of play and potential for large prizes. In recent years, as the internet gaming business has flourished, keno has migrated from land-based casinos to the greatest casino sites online, offering UK gamers access to several casinos that offer free and real money online keno games.


It can be difficult to identify the best places to play keno online because there are so many options. Thus, our team of casino professionals at has compiled this guide to help you learn about keno, bonuses, and the top online keno sites.

We continually update our list with new keno sites, bonuses, and news, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often to remain abreast of all the latest happenings in the fascinating world of keno.

Considerations When Choose a Keno Casino Website

Finding a trustworthy online keno casino can be difficult. As we have researched and participated in hundreds of online casinos, we know precisely what to look for. So, any keno site we evaluate must adhere to a stringent set of requirements, including:



Authorization and Compliance

All of the keno sites that we feature must be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission or a comparable authority. You risk exposing your personal information and hard-earned money to scam sites if you do not play at licensed, secure, and trustworthy online casinos.



Bonuses and Special Offers

From welcome bonuses for new players to ongoing incentives and promotions, the keno casinos that we recommend will provide a variety of lucrative deals to improve your bankroll. In addition, we examine the fine print to ensure that bonus terms and conditions are straightforward and wagering requirements are reasonable.



Game Variety

When playing keno online, it’s beneficial to have access to a variety of versions from top software developers. But, when evaluating keno sites, we also analyze the breadth of additional games they provide, such as UK online slots, table games, and live dealer games.



Mobile Compatibility

The best online casinos for keno must be accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms. Whether they provide a mobile-optimized browser client or a native app, all of our recommended casinos provide the best keno games at your fingertips, allowing you to play keno from anywhere.



Payment Procedures

In terms of banking alternatives for making deposits and withdrawals at your preferred online keno site, it is crucial to have a diverse variety. In addition to the payment options provided by the casino, our experts evaluate the transaction limits, processing times, and any potential transaction costs.



Customer Support

Having access to a customer care agent is crucial, regardless of whether you encounter issues or simply have a simple query. The finest online keno casinos include live chat, phone, and email service. We always contact support through every accessible means to ensure that the featured keno sites give the most prompt and responsive customer service.

Choose a Keno Game


Keno is a game of chance that is frequently compared to bingo or the lottery, and it may appeal to lovers of the top online bingo and lottery sites. Simply wager on a series of numbers, frequently using a special pointer known as a wand, and then watch to see if they show up. It can be entertaining and social; therefore, when selecting a site, hang out in the chat rooms and play a few free games to get a sense for the community.


There are various sorts of keno tickets, each of which affects the game’s outcome; therefore, you should carefully assess which ticket best suits you. The four primary kinds are:


Straight tickets: The standard way to play, in which you select any number of numbers to wager on. It is a wonderful choice for impatient players who wish to avoid difficulties, as the results are revealed at the conclusion of a single game.


Split tickets: If you enjoy juggling multiple tasks at once, split tickets are the way to go. It’s essentially two straight tickets in one, but you can’t use the same numbers across tickets more than once.


Way tickets: For an even more chaotic and exciting game, way tickets permit you to play multiple tickets concurrently. They are also frequently less expensive.


  • Combination tickets: Enabling you to bet in several ways on the same ticket, this option is perfect for strategic gamblers.


On several websites, you can also choose between themed keno games with entertaining graphics that keep the game entertaining. Some are created by major gaming firms, like as Playtech, so you know the gameplay will be flawless.

Free Keno as opposed to Real Money Keno


When you play online keno in the UK, you’ve got two major choices: free keno and real money keno. In free keno casino games, you play for entertainment and do not win actual cash prizes. In contrast, when playing keno for real money, you wager your own funds in the hopes of receiving a payment.


Each has both advantages and cons. Playing free keno games to understand the rules and become accustomed to the game is a fantastic option for beginners. In addition, whether you want a more relaxed gambling experience or have a smaller budget, free keno offers the same fun without any financial risk. Nevertheless, free play games limit the types of wagers and game permutations that can be placed.


The apparent advantage of real money keno, on the other hand, is the thrill of playing for the opportunity to win prizes. Your options for available games and wagers also expand significantly. But, each wager carries with it financial hazards. We recommend that you never gamble more than you can afford to keep your gaming experience enjoyable.


Before you can play free keno or any other casino game, you must first register with the casino and authenticate your account, per UK Gambling Commission requirements.


Live Dealer Keno

You can join a casino game table staffed by a human dealer, with the game being streamed in real-time to your tablet. It provides punters with an enhanced betting experience, which many compare to gambling in a physical casino, all from the comfort of their own homes.


Sadly, it is uncommon to locate casinos in the United Kingdom that provide live dealer keno games. Hence, if you like to play keno online, you must stick to the traditional online version. Yet, if the idea of live dealer games appeals to you, you can visit one of the top live casinos suggested by our specialists. Live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat all provide an immersive experience that allows communication with the dealer and other players. It is a social and authentic gambling experience that many gamblers enjoy.

Who Develops the Keno Software Used by Online Casinos?


Although the popularity of online keno is growing, there is a smaller assortment of online keno games compared to slot machines and casino table games. Nonetheless, prominent game developers such as Playtech, Mahi Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and 1×2 Gaming create amazing keno games.


Games Global keno titles are likely to be found in the majority of online keno casinos. The Monkey Keno variant, created in conjunction with Mahi Gaming, is a humorous take on this classic: a monkey throws a coconut across the grid, and if it lands on one of your numbers, you win. 1×2 Games is also a leading developer for additional intriguing versions. With Tutan Keno, Keno Lab, and Keno Kick-off, there are a multitude of ways to pass the time.


Keno Casino Protection

Safety takes precedence over the quality of games, bonuses, and software suppliers when it comes to online gambling. This is especially true while playing real-money online keno or any other casino game. While creating an account and making a deposit, you will need to supply the casino with personal and financial information. Illegitimate and unreliable websites can exploit this information against you. Fraud sites may even refuse to pay out prizes, leaving you without legal recourse.


Hence, any keno online casino site that you use in the United Kingdom must be licensed. When the UKGC grants a site a license, the site is governed by the UK government and is subject to regular audits and security checks. In this way, you will also have legal protection should any problems arise. The licenses of Keno casinos that do not meet the regulatory requirements will be suspended. We only propose licensed online casinos on, so you can rest confident that we only support the safest and most trustworthy online casinos.


Virtual game outcomes must be determined using Random Number Generators (RNGs) in all regulated keno casinos. This computer method assures that game outcomes are random, guaranteeing that every keno player has an equal chance of winning.


New Keno Casinos in the United Kingdom

The market for online casinos in the United Kingdom is dynamic, with new and intriguing keno sites emerging frequently, and incumbent operators introducing new keno games, partnering with new developers, and enhancing their technology. Hence, we work hard to ensure that our recommendations are continually updated and that we provide you with the most recent keno possibilities.


This page should be bookmarked and you should come us frequently to ensure that you always have access to the most recent and exciting online keno experience.

Keno Mobile Casinos


The majority of UK keno online casinos are constructed with HTML5 technology, making them mobile-friendly and adaptable. Hence, you can play keno on your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone device by loading a casino website on your mobile browser.


Many online casinos now provide native mobile apps that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices for a more comprehensive mobile experience. Typically, an app offers improved connectivity, expanded mobile usability and functionality, and notifications that keep you informed of new keno games and promotions.


We constantly recommend the finest mobile casino UK so that you can play the best keno games at any time and from anywhere.


Deposits and Withdrawals for Keno

If you intend to play keno online for real money, you must investigate the deposit and withdrawal options offered by the casino. This will differ based on the keno operator. The majority of UK casinos offer a variety of banking options, including bank transfers, Visa and MasterCard debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, prepaid cards, pay-by-phone options, and even bitcoin.


While making a payment at an online keno casino, transaction limits must be considered. The majority of sites require a minimum deposit of £10 per transaction, with similar withdrawal limits. There are also maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts. Check the limits of each site; the greater the range, the better, as you will have greater payment flexibility. Withdrawal costs may also apply, so choose a site and payment method without fees if possible.


Also, we recommend you to review the bonus’s terms and conditions before claiming it. Some may require a minimum deposit or a certain deposit type to qualify, and you don’t want to lose out!

Keno House Edge and the Return to Player


Like with any other casino game, keno will have an inherent statistical advantage that will allow the casino to generate a profit. This advantage is referred to as the house edge and is expressed as a percentage of total bets made by all players that the casino will retain over time. Return to Player (RTP) refers to the proportion of money wagered that is returned to players as winnings.


For instance, a game with a 90% RTP will return £90 in wins for every £100 spent, with the casino keeping £10 as profit. Yet, it is essential to recognize that every game outcome is unpredictable, so while one person can win a substantial amount, others will incur losses.


Depending on the keno type and the numbers played, the house advantage for online keno games is often between 10% and 25%, and the RTP ranges from about 90% to 75%. For instance, the theoretical RTP for a 10-ball game may be approximately 75% for a single pick and 90% for ten picks. Always consider the RTP while selecting a Keno game to play online, and stick to the better variations with the highest RTPs.


Which Casino Games You Should Play if You Enjoy Keno

Online keno is a fantastic game due to its simplicity, enjoyment, and potentially big prizes. While keno is somewhat of a specialized game, the number of available titles may be limited. The good news is that if you enjoy keno, you will likely enjoy other popular online games that provide players with a greater variety of options, such as:


Roulette: To win a reward, spin the roulette wheel and accurately wager on the pocket where the ball will land. It is an action game with simple rules that is available in both American and European versions.


In blackjack, the objective is to have a hand with a higher value than the dealer’s. But if you go over 21, you’re bust! It requires more skill and strategy than roulette, but is simple to play and offers a great deal of diversity.


As the most popular poker variant, the majority of online casinos will offer Texas Hold’em. To have the best hand at the table involves considerable thought, talent, and strategy.


Baccarat Baccarat is a popular card game favored for its ease of play, as there are only three possible wagers: Player (Punto), Bankers (Banco), and Tie. Baccarat is a popular game that may be played both online and with a live dealer.


This game is played with two dice on a table that appears intricate. There are numerous rules to learn, but in the most fundamental sense, the game hinges on correctly forecasting the dice rolls. There are not many online craps games, but those looking for something a little different will find it exciting.


Slots: Online slots are simple to comprehend and are available in nearly every theme and configuration imaginable. Its outcome is totally determined by chance, and the game’s high-quality graphic and aural elements make for a thrilling, albeit simple, experience.

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