Bingo for Fairies

Name us grammar and punctuation sticklers; call us finicky folks who notice the slightest of errors. Alternatively, you may refer to us as being fully within our rights. In any case, we believe we have a point with our first opinion of this online gambling sanctuary.

Fairys Bingo may not come across as especially great on its first presentation. Yes, we recognize that the name is part of URL, which means that no punctuation is permitted (other than the . inthe web address itself). However, this does not imply that every mention to Fairy’s on the main page should be spelled without an apostrophe. It’s infuriating, and practically compels you to turn around and go in an entirely opposite route.

Putting Our Complaint to the Side

Apart from this big grievance, the webpage is rather conventional, which does nothing to atone for this grammatical error. The brand name appears in the upper left hand corner, beside a ticker displaying the current Progressive Jackpot sum. The issue is that we have no idea what the Progressive Jackpot refers to, which is another reason we despise such sites—be explicit with the information offered, rather than assuming we can accurately guess.

Below all of this is a large advertising for the new member bonus (which we’ll discuss later), and below that are a few of thumbnails asking you to click on them. One states, “Play For Free,” while the other states, “Hot Promotions.” Again, it’s unclear what the freebie is and what the burning promotions are, and we wish this weren’t the case. However, it is, which brings to mind the expression ‘starting off on the wrong foot.’

We Are Honestly Unconcerned With Your Excessive Criticism

To be honest, we don’t care if you don’t. Agreed? All right, let’s get into the specifics. A menu list is located to the left of all the elements on the site that we previously described. With a fairly unattractive pink hue, it does nothing to alleviate any of the aforementioned drawbacks. Nonetheless, it’s rather apparent what’s on offer. Let’s begin with the most vital of these—Bingo Games.

By clicking on this portion of the site, you’ll be directed to a website dedicated only to bingo games. Or, more precisely, game kinds. We’re used to really restricted details and a limited variety, but Fairys Bingo takes both notions to a to new level. You’ll find 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, Daily Jackpots, and a £1 million jackpot on this page.

To be fair, the £1 million jackpot sounds fantastic—after all, who doesn’t want to win £1 million? Or fact, one million of any money (even if the currency is worthless, you’re still winning). However, these statistics may not represent a diverse selection of bingo games—there might be a broader diversity of ball numbers, and even within those ball numbers, more alternatives.

Add to this the fact that there is no information on which games are current, how long they have been active, or what the buy in price is, and your perception of the website’s quality begins to shatter very rapidly. In a nutshell, you people need to work harder.

Additional Information in the Section on the Winners?

Yes, there is some more information — namely, how much money has been won. And, don’t get us wrong, individuals are winning substantial amounts of money. However, it does not indicate how they won, i.e. the many types of games played on a daily basis, which is a significant mistake.

Surprisingly, it is in the casino portion where Fairys Bingo [shudder] begins to redeem itself somewhat. Although the Casino Games section first seems to be extremely empty and poorly structured, as you scroll down the page, things begin to make more sense.

The first thing we enjoy about this location is that it can accommodate various game genres. The first game kind is Slots, which is often segmented off into its own portion of a website, despite the fact that it is unmistakably a casino game.

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